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At Ferraro’s on the Hill it’s more than just delicious food. It’s a place where Mikia Aivaze is changing the way we perceive and enjoy flavors. An understated game-changer, it’s where tradition and innovation find their perfect balance.

But what really makes Ferraro’s special is something you can’t taste – it’s the strong sense of unity that turns Mikia’s team into a close-knit family. This unity, along with hard work and working together, is the secret behind the restaurant’s impressive success.

Meet Mikia Aivaze, the big boss at Ferraro’s. When he was just 18, he took charge of Ferraro’s on the Hill, and that was the start of something incredible for Italian cuisine in Compton.

“My team isn’t just people who work here, they’re like family,” Mikia explains. This way of thinking makes Ferraro’s feel more like home and less like a regular restaurant. The family-like feeling among the staff adds a special touch to every plate they serve.

Mikia’s story isn’t only about making tasty dishes. It’s also about making strong bonds that make everything even better. “Right after I graduated from high school, I jumped into working here full-time,” Mikia tells us. This shows how committed he is and how much he values his team.

Success isn’t solely measured by profits. “When we first got the restaurant, it was truly struggling,” Mikia remembers. With most of their money coming from business catering, Ferraro’s shows us how teamwork and a shared goal can make a big difference.

Mikia’s way of thinking goes beyond the kitchen. He’s Armenian but making Italian food in Compton. This mix of cultures is something that makes Ferraro’s special, and it’s why the team works so well together.

At Ferraro’s on the Hill, they don’t just talk about unity – they live it. Mikia Aivaze has changed a struggling restaurant into a place that’s doing great. And it’s not just because of the tasty food. It’s because Mikia and his team are like family, and that warmth comes through in everything they do. While the flavors of Ferraro’s keep impressing people, it’s the feeling of working together that truly stands out. With teamwork and a love for what they do, Mikia Aivaze has cooked up a winning recipe for success that goes way beyond just the kitchen.



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