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Does your car make a lot of noise each time you turn it? In most cases that tell you about poor maintenance in your car. But if you hear the crunching noise while driving at higher speed it can be because the CV joints are bad.

The CV joint aka, Constant Velocity joint, is responsible for linking the car transmission to the wheel.  These CV joints are the essential part of driveshaft and are used primarily on front-wheel drive vehicles. However, CV joints also work in rear- and four-wheel drive vehicles.

Below we will discuss more about the frequent noises each time you turn your car.

7 Most Common Reasons Why Car Makes a Noise When Turning the Wheel

Here are the possible reasons why you hear odd noises from  your car when you take a turn. Let’s break down the matter.

1. Struts and Shocks

Mostly when you hear noises in the car when the car is bouncing or with loose feel while going down the bump, it can be due to faulty shocks and struts. 

2. Poor suspension joints

If the suspension joints are bad, you will hear noise at low speed. The noise similar to creaking, clunking, or popping indicates towards the worn-out or defective suspension joints.

3. Defective CV Joints

As mentioned above, bad CV joints also cause noise when you turn the car. You will possibly hear a crunching sound when you navigate or maneuver the vehicle at a higher speed.  You need to replace them with the new ones

4. Power Steering

If the power steering pump system is bad, you will hear noises as you turn the car. The screeching or whining-like sound means the steering pump is worn-out or has a broken internal fault. 

Sometimes the solution is pretty easy where you just need to top off the steering fluid, however, it can be complex if the issue is with the hoses, belts, and more.

5. Bushing is not lubricated and Bad Ball Joints

Bushing in the car is a part of the suspension system and it needs lubrication to avoid friction. When you don’t lubricate it, the cracking sound from the joints makes enough noise each time you turn the car.

Likewise, the ball joints will make noise if there is some fault in them; the noise from the ball joint is relatively louder.

6. Tie Rods

If you are hearing a sound similar to clunking it also means that the tie rods are broken. You need to replace them in such cases. If the tie rods are loose simply tighten them.

If the tie rods are broken you should not drive farther to make sure safety. Check out To know more about tie rods.

7. Sway Bar Link

Different noises tell you different problems in the car components. Another reason for noise in the car when you turn can be the loose or falling sway bar link. It usually lets out knocking noise and poor handling due to sway bars.


What are the common noises when turning the car?

In most cases when the car components are worn-out or not lubricated well, you hear odd noises every time you take a turn. The common types of car noises are:

  • Popping
  • Clunking
  • Squealing
  • Groaning
  • Creaking
  • Screeching
  • Whining sound

Can I fix the noise from the car?

Yes, you can fix the noises from your car once you know the reasons. As you know there are many reasons why you might be hearing odd screeching noises from your car each time you take a turn so get to the root cause and fix it right away.

If any of the parts are damaged or worn-out, replace them and lubricate the parts that have low fluid level. It is better to take your car to the maintenance and repair center for proper check and problem diagnosis by professionals.


Repairing a car and getting rid of noises from the car is not only important for sound driving but it also saves you from any potential road accident due to lack of attention.

Hopefully, this article has helped you in kind why you hear noises in the car when you turn it. If you hear cranking, squealing, creaking, or groaning noise when making a turn don’t take it lightly and immediately rush to the repair center.

Timely repairs always save you from costly repairs later on!


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